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“Either way, if you’re looking for an aesthetically evocative speaker that not only reproduces mid and high-end frequencies with excellent clarity, but one that will also jazz up your listening space, then you might want to give a pair of Viotti One speakers a listen (especially when you consider MarkAudio-SOTA boasts a 30-Day MONEY BACK guarantee so you can try these out in your own home).”

“From a design standpoint, Viotti One stand-mount loudspeakers are gorgeous. Rounded edges give way to see-through speaker grills that show off the goods without every being too flashy.”

“These speakers sound excellent right out of the box and only improve with time, save for bass performance. If you’re a fan of classical or jazz music, you might not notice, of course.”

“String and wind instruments along with vocal arrangements, like choirs, usher the Viotti One to splendid, heavenly heights.”

“With my collection of movie scores — with excellent tracks from Danny Elfman’s Edwards Scissorhands or James Horner’s Apollo 13 — the Viotti Ones unlocked mids and highs with sublime rendering of every frequency and nuance. There’s far too much audiophile snake oil in the world, but listening to your favorite music on high-end speakers is akin to breathing fresh air after being stuck behind a diesel truck on a highway.”

“The Viotti Ones absolutely killed it, especially when paired with one or two subwoofers. In terms of demo material, the Ones excel at highly detailed and technical sound mixes.”

“Recent favorites like Crimson Peak, Live. Die. Repeat., The Iron Gian, Arrival, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula each revealed wonderfully delicate aural elements hiding within their mixes, waiting for the right speakers to bring them out. “

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