Markaudio Sota in LAAS 2017 (from Enjoy The Music)

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Enjpy the music

Markaudio-Sota room once again delivers a wonderful-sounding system. Sat for a bit, as i wanted to get a better listen plus my feet were getting a bit tired (hey, i’m not 28 any longer guys!). Listening notes say “Air, subtle sound, delicate when needed. Rich sound without sounding buttery creamy.” Best bet, read our Markaudio-SOTA preview at this link. and review of the Markaudio-Sota Viotti One Stand-Mounted Speaker at this link. You can also see our video with engineer Mark Fenlon at this link.

Banner in Room

So why do Markaudio-SOTA speakers sound so superb? As they say, the parts make the whole…. and sometimes the whole sounds better than the parts.

Speaker components


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